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AgileSherpas is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning methods for diverse communities and their online educational needs. That's why we have created our Carabiner Microlearning catalog. We are dedicated in promoting online knowledge and awareness of Agile.

This meticulously curated collection of Microlearning modules is designed to address specific learning objectives efficiently. By harnessing concise and engaging content, we empower learners to acquire knowledge and skills rapidly, foster growth and enable them to stay ahead in their fields. 

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Meticulously crafted courses that cater exclusively to the unique needs and preferences of you.

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Quick, bite-sized learnings allow you to effortlessly access streamlined content when you need.

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Access online content from any location, empowering you to conveniently engage with our courses and materials anytime. 

Learning Paths

Effective learning. Our online courses provide a dynamic learning environment where you actively engage with the content, fostering deeper understanding and knowledge retention. 



What our students say about us

The Agile Fundamentals course helped shape and consolidate Agile marketing concepts in practical ways that I can apply to my role and organization. I would recommend this course to both marketing professionals and organisations embarking on an agile transformation journey.
— Pedro Cordero
AgileSherpas content digs deeper and gets way more specific, and it's all from the marketing perspective. Any marketers who are serious about agility need to dive into this stuff ASAP.
— Johnathan Sexton
I now feel like I have a good understanding of the concepts and how to put them in to practice. The course content was engaging and informative. I'm excited to see the way my marketing team transforms as we move to Agile. Highly recommend!
— Alyssa Love

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