Agile Marketing Leadership

Learn from experienced marketing leaders, delving into how Agile leadership differs from more traditional marketing leadership. This course will help you develop an actionable plan for evolving your leadership approach as well as guide organizational transformation.
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Andrea Fryrear: AgileSherpas CEO and Co-Founder; international marketing agility pioneer and keynote speaker; author of "Death of a Marketer: Modern Marketing's Troubled Past and a New Approach to Change the Future" and "Mastering Marketing Agility: Transform Your Marketing Teams and Evolve Your Organization"; developer of the ICAgile ICP-MKG certification content

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In addition to our public offerings, we can customize private instructor-led certification programs or self-paced offerings to meet the unique needs of your team or organization. These can be delivered at an accelerated pace, and implemented onsite, virtually, or in a hybrid format.

Certificate Course

Earn your ICAgile Accredited (ICP-MKG) certification via our virtual instructor-led cohort-based course that takes place over (8) 90-minute sessions.

Self-Paced Course

Expedite your learning and affordably access content at your own pace.The course takes about 8 hours to complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is best suited for the ICP-LEA Leading with Agility certification course?

This certification course is perfect for you if you:
  • Lead an Agile team
  • Lead a department that is or will be adopting Agile
  • Serve at an executive leadership level in an Agile organization
  • Serve as a transformation team or office leader
Former participants include:
  • Leaders and executives working in marketing, sales, operations, human resources, and transformation specialists
  • Agile Leads, ScrumMasters, Marketing Owners, Product Owners, Managers, Directors, Project Managers, Transformation Leaders, Executives

Who is the self-paced Agile Leadership course best for?

ICAgile requires that you attend an instructor-led course in order to achieve your ICP-LEA certification. However, while you can't earn your certification through this delivery method, we developed this course to provide more flexibility and expediency for learners seeking similar information.

This self-paced, foundational course is perfect for you if:
  • You want to get started learning more about leading Agile right away 
  • You have less time or budget available to commit to an eight-week certification course
  • Certification isn’t a game-changer for your career path
  • You want to complete this foundational course in advance of taking our more intermediate Agile Marketing Leadership

Our self-paced learners often include learners who:
  • Work within an organization that has already adopted Agile or is preparing to do so 
  • Are a current Agile leader seeking to understand how Agile is applied in a marketing setting and aligns with broader business agility

What is the benefit of an ICP-LEA certification?

This certification is an industry-recognized credential earned by business leaders in a variety of disciplines. Earning this certification verifies your ability to serve as a leader within an Agile transformation and can help:

  • Demonstrate your Agile leadership competencies
  • Advance the goals of your team or organization
  • Increase your salary or secure roles that require certification 
  • Prepare for additional advanced certifications 

Are there any prerequisites for ICP-LEA?

There are no required prerequisites. However, having a foundational knowledge of Agile and marketing is helpful. Our one-hour, self-paced kickstarter, Introduction to Agile Marketing, included in the course will also help provide you with some introductory information.

Who is ICAgile?

The International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is a certification and accreditation body, not a training company. They collaborate with worldwide Agile thought leaders, like AgileSherpas, to develop and deliver learning programs that lead people to Agile mastery.

Our instructors have all undergone authorization requirements to teach our certification courses and certify learners who meet ICAgile requirements. The ICAgile certification fees are included in the total course fees. Once the class is completed, you will receive an email from ICAgile with your Certification.

Are there any discounts for the ICP-LEA or self-paced course?

We are dedicated to making learning about Agile marketing within reach for everyone. We offer many discounts for our courses such as group, multi-course, and non-profit discounts as well as referral credits. We can also develop an invoice created to enroll. Contact us for more information.

Does this course count towards PMI® PDUs?

The Project Management Institute (PMI®) requires that those holding PMP®, PgMP®, and PMI-ACP® certifications earn a certain number of Professional Development Units (PDUs) over a 3-year cycle in under to maintain their certifications.

Per PMI’s requirements, graduates of certification course may be eligible to apply for up to 14 PDUs toward their continuing education requirements and learners who take our self-paced option may be eligible for up to 8 PDUs.

Does this course count towards ScrumAlliance®  SEUs?

ScrumAlliance® requires that those holding certifications, such as CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, CSP®, CAL II, A-CSM®, A-CSPO®, CSM®, CSPO®, CSD®, CAL-E, CAL-O, or CAL-T, earn a certain number of Scrum Education Units (SEUs) over a 2-year cycle in under to maintain their certifications. Per ScrumAlliance’s requirements, graduates of this course may be eligible to apply for up to 14 SEUs toward their continuing education requirements.

What might be good counterparts to this course?

If you are interested in gaining more information about the team-level aspects of Agile marketing, our Agile Marketing Fundamentals course might be a great option to consider!

We have a special bundle option that will provide you with a significant discount when you register for both courses. For an overview of the differences in what these two courses offer, download this course comparison brochure.

We are also proud to support the Agile community with several complementary resources within our learning platform, The Ropes, including:

Do you have a course justification letter I can use?

Justify this course to your manager as part of your and your team's professional development using this template. It explains the course content and benefits.

Download justification PDF

Meet our Instructors

Colleen Dunn Hartoonian
Agile Coaching Capability Lead
With 15 years of marketing experience under her belt in both large corporate organizations and boutique agencies, Colleen is a Swiss Army knife of Marketing Agility. Throughout her coaching career she has worked with Agile teams in finance, pharmaceutical, entertainment, communications, security and advertising industries. 
Cheryl Sutton
Agile Trainer & Coach
Cheryl has over 17 years of marketing and operations experience that spans six continents and includes roles in branding, product marketing, digital marketing, retail marketing, and communications. From marketing strategy to the nitty gritty of campaign development, she understands both the big picture and day-to-day details that marketing teams face.
Monica Georgieff
EMEA Training & Delivery Lead
As an Agile Trainer and Coach at AgileSherpas, Monica is responsible for leading Agile Marketing Fundamentals certification courses, both in-person and virtually. Monica also works with Fortune 500 enterprises to provide support to their marketing teams throughout the initial stages of their Agile transformation.
Ryann Greve
Agile Transformation Consultant
With over 20 years of brand and marketing leadership experience with iconic brands and market leaders in an array of industries – automotive, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, professional services, and agriculture – Ryann has created strategies that connect brands with their target audiences, differentiate their offerings, and gain critical market share.

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