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Benefits of Our Agile Courses & Training

Flexible Online

 Join other highly-motivated professionals from across the globe with virtual instructor-led cohort courses or learn anytime from anywhere with 100% self-paced courses.


Agile continues to be one of the top trends in business. Build your confidence and equip yourself with in-demand skills. Go deeper with Agile certifications for greater success as your career advances.

Outside of IT

No need to translate Agile software speak to your marketing, sales, human resources, legal, or other business areas. Dig deep into agility with instructors and peers who share your professional experience.

Our Flagship Offerings

Agile Marketing Fundamentals

Designed by the world's leading experts in Agile marketing, this interactive, top-rated workshop provides everything you need to start down the path to real marketing agility. 

Agile Marketing


Marketing exists in a state of constant change. This cutting-edge workshop equips you with the competencies & capabilities to become an effective Agile leader for your team or organization.

Introduction to Agile Marketing

In this 60-minute course, Andrea Fryrear, one of the world’s leading experts on Agile marketing, will introduce you to the next great stage in marketing evolution: Agile marketing. 

Blaze your own trail

Subscribe and unlock our meticulously curated collection of Carabiner Microlearning modules. Our microlearning modules are designed to address specific learning objectives efficiently. By harnessing concise and engaging content, we empower learners to acquire knowledge, and foster growth.

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