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Modern Marketing Summer Camp

Make the most of your summer schedule with three new hybrid courses designed to tackle some of the thorniest issues facing marketers in 2024. Cherry pick your favorite, or dive into all three for maximum impact and major savings. 

prioritization bootcamp: $399
Always busy but nothing's getting done? You're one of many victims of prioritization problems. Learn how to accomplish more by doing less in this practical course.
Workshops and Office Hours from Thursday, June 20th - Tuesday, July 9th
You just can't plan perfectly; new demands crop up daily. This practical, hands-on bootcamp gives you the tools to manage this inevitable reality of marketing.
Workshops and Office Hours from Thursday, July 18th - Thursday, August 8th
Tired of missed deadlines and budget overruns? Learn how to take a more agile approach to your next project and bask in the glow of high quality, on-time delivery.
Workshops and Office Hours from Thursday, August 15th - Thursday, August 29th

Cohort offerings designed to work around your schedule

Weeks of blended self-paced learning & guided application

Pick Your Most Pressing Problem(s)

What's included?

Each workshop includes 3 key components:

  • Self-paced learning to fit your busy schedule
  • Two live workshops to apply what you learn
  • Two office hour sessions with a professional coach

Bundle and Save!

Solve multiple problems across multiple subjects and save money at the same time.

Purchase any course and you'll receive a 15% off coupon code via email to be used on any additional Summer Camp offerings! 

Interested in all 3 courses or have 3 or more learners? Reach out to for special pricing.

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  • Flexible learning options
  • Bundle discounts available
  • Guided application
  • Learn alone or with a team
  • Decades of marketing know-how
  • Apply new ideas today

What if I can't make every session?

If you can't attend a session, don't worry! You can still participate by watching the recorded sessions at your convenience. Additionally, you'll have access to all the session materials and work so you don't miss out on any important information or activities.

Is Internet access required?

Internet access is required since all of the course contents are online. We also recommend using a broadband internet connection, especially when you have to go through video content.

How do I download course content?

If you're enrolled to a course you'll have access to all of the course contents. In most cases, the contents aren't available for download, but certain materials, like PDF files or PowerPoint presentations, may be available for download.