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Stuck on building a backlog? Need a refresher on retros? Curious about building an Agile culture? 

Then clip on a carabiner -- a targeted, easy-to-digest microlearning designed to get you the information you need and get you on your way.

We've built a library of content based on years of working with Agile marketing teams, and broken it down into bite-sized lessons that fit within your busy day. Fit in professional development, solve thorny challenges, and explore new concepts with this ever-growing collection of crucial Agile marketing knowledge. 

Complete a learning journey tailored for your particular role, or browse around to build up your general Agile expertise. Your subscription gets you complete access to current content and new releases, so your journey of continuous improvement can be, well, continuous. 

Custom Content

Expertly crafted courses built by Agile marketing coaches from years of hands-on practice. 

Microlearning Format

Quick, bite-sized learnings allow you to access tailored content without missing daily standup.

Access Anywhere

World-class learning from the comfort of your office, or in the palm of your hand. Learn The Ropes anytime, anywhere. 

Engaging Courses

Retain what you learn, thanks to our dynamic environment that goes beyond a talking head video or a wall of words. 

Carabiner Microlearning Courses

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Monthly plan

Flexible monthly access to the most comprehensive and effective set of Agile marketing learning available.

  • Unlimited access to our ever-growing catalog of carabiner microlearnings
  • Exclusive access to our Agile Marketing Community
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  • 3 day free trial! (no credit card required)

12 Month plan

Affordable annual access to our growing set of tools to help you develop and hone your Agile capabilities.

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Build an Agile learning culture with unlimited access to interactive, self-paced learning for your entire team or organization. 

  • Save with bulk pricing
  • Tailor your team or organization's learning journey 
  • Combine with private coaching for more hands-on application guidance

Blaze your own trail

Our courses are organized around four themes -- Agile Basics, Team Applications, Leaders, and Culture and Transformation -- all of which are included in every subscription. 
Each carabiner microlearning dives into a single, self-contained topic, so you can follow a linear learning journey, or build your own Agile education backlog.

Agile Basics

Get clear on the essentials so you can confidently evolve your ways of working.

Ideal for:

  • Team members

  • Team leads 

  • Non-team leaders 

  • Senior leaders

  • Transformation Teams/Offices 

  • Marketing Stakeholders

Agile Team Applications 

Learn how Agile teams work differently to create focus, get more done, and have fun doing it.

Ideal for:

  • Team members

  • Team leads 

  • Non-team leaders 

  • Transformation Teams/Offices 

Agile Leadership

Become the Agile leader your team needs with a focus on planning, goal setting, measurement, and staffing.

Ideal for:

  • Non-team leaders 

  • Senior leaders

  • Transformation Teams/Offices 
  • Team members preparing for a promotion

Agile Culture & Transformation

Support and sustain an Agile organization by honing in on culture, structure, and people development.

Ideal for:

  • Senior leaders

  • Transformation Teams/Offices 

Sample Lessons from Agility Basics

Why Agile is Eating the World

Building a shared understanding of the quality and completeness of work items helps prevent bottlenecks, delays, and frustration. To avoid these issues, establish team definitions to create alignment to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal.

Roles & Responsibilities on an Agile Team

Successful Agile marketing teams establish roles and responsibilities that help define how they interact with each other and members outside the team to foster an efficient, team-oriented, and collaborative environment.

Why Visualize Work

Work visualization increases collaboration, provides real-time status updates, allows for flexibility in planning, and helps identify roadblocks. Discover how to start visualizing work to uncover its many benefits.

Choosing a Framework: Scrum v. Kanban V. Hybrids

Curious about which Agile framework is best for your team? Choosing the right framework means understanding all the options and how they align with the work an Agile team does. Learn how to successfully choose and implement the right Agile framework.

That's just the beginning!

Prioritize your learning and limit your work in progress! With access to our continuously growing catalog of carabiner content, you can continue to sharpen and enhance your Agile skills on your schedule. 

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What our students say about us

The Agile Fundamentals course helped shape and consolidate Agile marketing concepts in practical ways that I can apply to my role and organization. I would recommend this course to both marketing professionals and organisations embarking on an agile transformation journey.
— Pedro Cordero
AgileSherpas content digs deeper and gets way more specific, and it's all from the marketing perspective. Any marketers who are serious about agility need to dive into this stuff ASAP.
— Johnathan Sexton
I now feel like I have a good understanding of the concepts and how to put them in to practice. The course content was engaging and informative. I'm excited to see the way my marketing team transforms as we move to Agile. Highly recommend!
— Alyssa Love

Frequently asked questions

What happens at the end of my free trial?

We don’t ask for a credit card until your trial has ended. You will receive an email before the trail expires with the steps to enter your credit card information. After that, your membership will automatically renew. You can cancel at any time prior to the renewal.

How will you bill me?

We offer both monthly and annual billing.

Depending on what option you choose, your subscription will be renewed:
- Every 30 days from the date you subscribed
- Every 365 days from the date you subscribed

If you choose to pay annually, you’ll save up to 20% compared to paying monthly.

Billing is handled via Stripe.

Can I expense my membership?

Many employers find The Ropes Learning so valuable that they’ll pay for their employees’ subscriptions. At the end of your purchase, you’ll receive the receipt in your email that you can use to file an expense report.

If you want to enroll your team, or work with us on other billing methods please contact us.